Populele - Smart Ukulele

Frequently Asked Questions



How is Populele "smart"?

Is Populele a real ukulele without the LED?

What kind of material is Populele made of?

How much does Populele weigh and what is the size?

Does Populele need battery?

How to Charge Populele?

How long does the Populele last once it's fully charged?

What comes with the package if I didn’t order the accessories package?

Do the LED lights have only one color?

Will the uke be able to connect directly to Bluetooth speakers or amplifiers?

How to tune my Populele? Which tuning should I choose?

Is a hard case really necessary?

How to clean my Populele?

Where can I get Populele owner's manual?


Why can't I connect to Bluetooth?

Why doesn't the App accurately recognize my playing?

What if the App still doesn't register sound?

How to strum, pluck, change strings, hold Populele, use accessories and learn chords?

How can I download the App?

Are the songs in the app free or do I need to pay for each song?

Will it be possible for programmers to contribute songs or program the populele?

How does the Dazzle Mode work?

Does the app work on a tablet?


What countries do you ship to?

When will I receive my Populele?

What forms of payment do you accept?


Do you offer any warranty?

What’s your return policy?

In what method does the refund get back to me?


Does Populele have a left handed version?

Can we use Populele in any music education environment?

Do you have a guitar version?