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11 Women Who Rock the Ukulele on YouTube

11 Women Who Rock the Ukulele on YouTube

These ladies are killing it with a ukulele in hand. Their combined talent is happiness embodied. Let their tunes recharge your uke inspiration. With serious skill, these women are sure to get you excited about practicing your Populele.

Ari Chi

Her SoundCloud page nicknames her "da ukulady." She was born in Atlanta with an aptitude for music that preceded her first sentences. The first ukulele she ever owned came as a Christmas gift. Since then, she's been mingling folk, soul, r&b, rap, and indie styles into sweet melodies. Follow her on Instagram @itsarichi.

Reneé Dominique

By preschool, Reneé was already writing her first song. Born to musical parents, she stayed with her music through homeschooling and university in the Philippines. She's active on YouTube and signed with Star Records. Follow her on Instagram @heyimrenee.

Paula Fuga

At nine years old she was living homeless on a beach in Hawaii dreaming of becoming a superstar. She found poetry first and came to the ukulele in high school. She's since performed with Jack Johnson and Ziggy Marley, as well as has a song, "Hi'ilawe," in the "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" soundtrack. Follow her on Instagram @pfunklove.

Taimane Gardner

 This talented musician picked up her ukulele as she was shuffling into kindergarten. She is well known and respected for her ability to cross the ukulele creatively into a plethora of genres: flamenco, classical, rock, and more. Follow her on Instagram @taimanegardner.

Ariel McCleary

An active YouTuber, this American ukulele player has a trove of fantastic work to binge on her channel. Follow her on Instagram @arielmcclearyofficial.

Melissa Y Eureka

With a belief that more ukuleles means more happiness, her voice and playing puts a smile on your face. Melissa is based in Mexico and sings in English and Spanish. Follow her on Instagram @melissa_eureka.

Honoka and Azita

From their home in Hawaii, these two players have traveled the world to become international ukulele champions. Their first video, "Bodysurfing," was posted five years ago and has millions of views. Follow them on Instagram @honoka.azita.

Hannah Emerson

Hannah has shared her enthusiasm for music and the ukulele from Texas to California. Follow her on Instagram @hannahemersonla.

Julia Nunes

Known as "jaaaaaaa" on YouTube, Julia was getting her hands into music before middle school. Both of her grandfathers were musicians too: fado composer and jazz pianist. In her sixteenth year, she picked up a uke. Since then she's been sharing her music with live audiences, her idols (Ben Folds, The Bacon Brothers, and more), and YouTube. Follow her on Instagram @julianunesmusic.

Natasha Ghosh

Natasha and her ukulele reside in the Netherlands, where they have been enjoying fingerstyle music together. Follow her on Instagram @natashaghoshmusic.

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