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How to Light Up Your Populele Even there is No Network?

How to Light Up Your Populele Even there is No Network?

I expect every visitor here has already known what Populele is right now. There's a mode called "Dazzle Mode", could light up your Populele while you're playing songs. Since it's a function inside our Populele app and we're currently only allow logged-in users to use the app, it is not possible to enjoy the "Dazzle Mode" offline.

populele light up

Here's a situation: you're going hiking with your best friends and your Populele, you want to give out a big surprise when you're on the way driving to Yellowstone National Park. Everything is ready: Populele is fully charged, the sunset is almost done, friends are looking at you - except the network. I guess you'll want to return the Populele then... until now.

We're working out a solution! This article is a step-by-step solution to upgrade your Populele with the "Offline Dazzle Mode" inside.


  • A fully charged Populele
  • An Android or iOS device with bluetooth working inside
  • Network to download apps

How to Upgrade

1. Download an app called "Dialog SUOTA" via Google Play or App Store.

2. Download the firmware file(BleUKNoShowBat_XD_1988.img) via this link.

3. (For Android Users)Open SUOTA app and give the permissions to it in order to let it create a "SUOTA" directory to your root directory. Move the firmware file(BleUKNoShowBat_XD_1988.img) to the "SUOTA" directory. You could use ES File Explorer to manipulate or simply plug in your device to your computer to copy the file. Once done, it should be like this:

file with path

3. (For iOS Users)Download the firmware file(BleUKNoShowBat_XD_1988.img) to your computer, then connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes. You'll need to click this icon:
Then follow the following image to share the firmware file:
share file

4. Open the bluetooth of your Android or iOS device.

5. Turn Populele on.

6. Open the "Dialog SUOTA" app, you should see your Populele in the list:

7. Click your Populele and then click "Update":

8. Select the firmware file(BleUKNoShowBat_XD_1988.img) and click "Send to Device":

9. When you receive the notification "Device has been updated", click "Reboot":

That's all. Anytime when you turn on your Populele, you'll enjoy the "Offline Dazzle Mode"!