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Introducing Populele

Introducing Populele

An avid guitarist and tech nerd, Martin, our CEO and founder here at Popuband, wondered why so many music games only vaguely resemble real instruments, despite the presence of existing tech one could reinvent to help people play the real thing.

“We started Popuband with the conviction that music education can change lives. Private tutors are expensive, and the average person’s schedule isn’t suited to regular classroom attendance. Self-study is fine, but not the best way for everyone. We wanted to make something affordable that empowers one to truly learn an instrument.” -- Martin


Our research concluded that other smart instruments on the market felt much more like toys with gimmicky buttons and switches rather than comprehensive training devices. We found that people who purchased these instruments rarely learned to play. We figured there had to be a better way. We also found that traditional instrument manufacturers haven’t kept up with trends in tech and social media. As more people are getting online to learn and communicate, we felt this was a missed opportunity, We developed our first product, the Populele, as a real ukulele with smart technology that truly helps new musicians learn and share their journey online.

But why a uke? For the musically unversed, the ukulele is basically the most approachable instrument out there -- and nope, the kazoo doesn’t count. Ukuleles are portable and brighten any space with a sound that’s warm and inviting on an instinctual level. We don’t think the universal love for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is a coincidence.

 Populele launched on Indiegogo in March of 2017. By the time the campaign ended, we had 3.2K backers who helped us raise $455K, which was 1663% more than our funding goal.  We believe we’re onto something big that’ll change the way people learn to play music, forever. We hope you join us!

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