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Our early success on Indiegogo

Our early success on Indiegogo

Martin, our CEO and founder here at Popuband, always wondered why we’ve been playing music games for so long that merely resemble an instrument rather than learning to play the real thing. That is when he decided to create the Populele!

On March 14th, our small Populele venture began. After only 48 hours of launching our Indiegogo campaign we reached our goal of $25,000! 

As time went on we gained many more supporters. One in particular being a TechCrunch article which confirmed that we had something worth pursuing! “Populele has made learning an instrument or improving skills easy through technology integration.” --TechCrunch

“A wild new startup is about to unleash, Populele, an electric Ukulele that will teach you how to play old Uke standards like Ukulele Lady, D’yer Maker, and Tiptoe Through The Tulips.” -- TechCrunch


We asked backers’ advice about their favorite songs they want to learn through Populele. Here are the survey results! We’ve incorporate more than 90% of their selected songs and the list will continue to grow.   

Throughout our Indiegogo journey, our backers were the ones who gave us their sincerest and deepest support helping us get through all the difficulties along the way.


Thanks to our initial backers who supported our small idea and made our Populele dream come true. Now we have the time, resources and support to take our prototype and go into mass production with a factory in ShenZhen, Southern China.

In May and June Martin flew back to China for three weeks to ensure that the first Populele batch would be of the best quality for our backers. At the same time, our App and support team were working hard to add new App features, make tutorial videos, continuously update the App, establish a new website, draft useful blogs, build a Zendesk customer support system and make sure the delivery and customer feedback was as smooth as possible.


On July 19, 2017 we began delivering Populeles to our amazing customers and fulfilling the promise we had made at the beginning of our campaign -- to make learning a musical instrument easier through technology integration.   

 On July 25th we closed our campaign and shifted to our own website to begin selling. Our final Indiegogo result was $470,919 with 3316 backers! This is the end of our Indiegogo campaign but the story continues. Be sure to continue following our journey as we develop more products that integrate instruments and hardware. We can’t thank you enough for your support!

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