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These Tips Are Guaranteed To Make You A Ukulele Star

These Tips Are Guaranteed To Make You A Ukulele Star

We know that learning a new skill requires patience, practice, and will power to continue, even on the days (or weeks) when it seems you’ll never get better.  Here are our top tips that are guaranteed to make you shine!

  1. Buy a good ukulele

There are many decent ukulele brands out there, but we’re biased to Populele’s grade A “cloud” panel, European maple paneling and premium spruce soundboard. We think it’s best to buy ours!

  1. Groom those fingernails

Long nails on your left hand keep your fingertips away the fretboard making it harder to press the strings appropriately, meaning you can’t firmly hold a chord so your music might sound strange. Keep those nails nice and short!

  1. Keep the rhythm and beat

If you’re not naturally musically (or dance) inclined, this might be hard. We suggest you keep it slow when you’re playing . Try a 4/4 beat first. You can use an online metronome to follow the beat.

  1. Learn to read…

The ukelule tabs, that is. The easiest and fastest way to learn is through Populele app’s gamified experience, however, learning to read through regular uke tabs is extremely useful.

  1. Start with the 3 basics

When you begin, work to master the most useful 3 chords C, F, Am (a Populele tutorial will walk you through these). 3 chords sound too basic? It’s not, there are lots of 3-chord ukulele songs to play.

  1. 10 mins of finger practice

Hold your uke, relax your posture, and use your fingertips to switch between different chords. 10 mins of practice will help make your fingers more flexible and strong. Aim for 10 minutes a day if you are serious about becoming a uke star.

  1. Find + perfect your favorite song

Practicing a song you don’t really like isn’t fun, find your favorite and become an expert at it. Use our song library of over 100 songs to find one that’s right for you. Unable to find your favorite? We’ll add it, just leave us a comment.

  1. Stay tuned

Always check your ukulele tuning before playing. For those who own a Populele, you can do this in under 1 minute using the in-app tuner.

  1. Be resourceful

Again, this applies to Populele users only (sorry everybody else). There are 4 tools in-app that’ll help you shine. The most useful is the chord archive, which contains all common uke chords. The other 3 tools are fun too, check them out!

  1.  Don’t be a loner

The ukulele is a social instrument, so go find some friends to play and sing with. Having a hard time convincing them to play? Record and share your Populele skills with them in-app. Or meet IRL at a club or camp.

  1.  Take a break

Last but not least, playing music should be fun and engaging. If it’s feeling like a chore it’s time to step away from the Ukulele for a bit. Do something new, get a fresh perspective, then resume practice!


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