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Populele at Music Education

While Populele could be an entry point for just anyone who’s picking up his attempt for music with spontaneity, it naturally is an entry point for music education as well, if you could imagine a class of students holding the real ukes and their fingers switching flexibly with LEDs underneath! Populele is a clue for everyone to rethink about how technology could support education. We openly welcome discussions regarding Populele’s possibilities in music education, and are actively establishing partnerships with organizations of all kinds (public and private schools, NGOs, summer camps, etc.)

Popuband’s aim for its application in music education is essential in its products’ development. We are grateful to guide and be guided in the experiments of music and technology in today’s classrooms. Tomorrow, we would like to see more young people being connected to music and each other in friendly and inspiring learning contexts.

Popuband is supportive for educational programs by offering special discounts. To learn more, please contact us via liyuanji@popuband.com or complete the following form:

Pilot Program

Our non-profit pilot program for music education is making an impact among public schools around the country. We offer opportunities for schools to use Populeles for free in a substantial amount of time. In return, these enthusiastic and creative music teachers offer us invaluable feedbacks that profoundly inspire the refinement and upgrades of our product for the benefit of music education. This program is growing vigorously within the organic, reciprocal partnerships between us and schools whose teachers are making a difference.

If you:

  • want to learn more about the program;
  • are interested in joining the pilot program;
  • are interested in establishing partnership with us;
  • have an idea to share about music education;

Please contact us via  liyuanji@popuband.com or complete the following form:

Teachers: Please use the following forms to submit your feedback.

Form 1: Basic Information of Your Program;

Form 2: Biweekly Report

Autism Program

The uniqueness of an individual is always precious. Music therapy is widely used to support people living with autism spectrum disorder. Many of them found themselves unique in communicating with music. We have noticed how Populele could differentiate a regular ukulele and provide essential visual supports for people with autism spectrum when they try to approach to music. Once that has been realized, Popuband started its experiments with NGO autism programs. It repeatedly proved that Populele’s LEDs did assist participants’ abilities to learn the instrument or reach music as was desired. We do not call it a therapy, though. Neither do we call the activity a “curing”. We believe that every one of us should be appreciated for who we are.

Read one of the stories from our Autism Program: https://popuband.com/blogs/news/i-me-passion-for-music