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Bringing technology and music together to make a truly unique, fun, and quick learning experience for beginners and advanced players alike.

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  • "So excited. My son is on the autism spectrum and he loves learning from his iPad. He is so excited to get this and start to learn the ukulele. Excuse me, the Populele."

    Christopher M.

  • "I LOVE IT! ❤️ Just came yesterday, thank you. Now I can take it on vacation. It was packed well, the box is real nice, protected it well. I followed the instructions exactly, and it charged fine, app was easy to install, love the tuner! I have already learned 3 chords! The lessons and games are easy to follow. And such a Beautiful sound! It’s perfect…"

    Carol L.

  • "Have had my uke for three days now. I love it. Turns out I don’t have any hidden uke talents :), but I am optimistic that the app and uke will help me out with that. Thank you for the fun training opportunity."

    Doka C.


Music Library

Learn to play your favorite songs in our continuously updated music library.

Can't find your favorite? Let us know, and we'll add it!

The Populele App

Play & Learn

A place to teach yourself the ukulele. A music tool hub with a tuner, a chord library, and more. A song library supporting your ukulele dreams.

How You Will Learn

Gamified Instruction

Unlock your ukulele skills all by yourself with Populele’s 72-LED fretboard and in-app game mode. Being your own teacher is fun and easy with the right technology!

In-App Tools

Teach yourself to tune your ukulele and more with Populele’s in-app tools.

Tutorial Videos

We demonstrate every single chord for you. Watch any time and practice the chords as many times as you want! Find more tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

More Tutorial Videos

Premium Quality

Wireless LED Learning

Populele’s fretboard lights up to show you exactly where your fingers go.

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As Seen In

"Like any stringed instrument, learning chords is a bit of pain. We can solve this with technology."

– The Verge

"It connects to an app where users can get instant feedback and correct themselves."


"The best thing about the Populele then is how easily you can get started. The games show you how to chord a few notes and then start playing simple songs while the songbook lets you follow along."

– TechCrunch

"This is an awesome ukulele: fun, educational, and just plain cool; it's a really good entry-level uke in its own right, it's a lot of fun to play with the app, too."

– The Ukulele Teacher