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The Story of Music

Do you know what music truly is?This 3-minute vivid story will refresh your understanding on music.

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Dear users: Thanks for choosing Populele!
"Populele App" has accompanied us for 4 years, we hope you all enjoyed with it. At the moment, we released a new App called "PopuMusic" which is taking place of "Populele App", please download it and give a shot, Populele customers have free access to the courses.

1. Search "PopuMusic" in App Store/Google Play or the icons below to download;

2. Once you sign up&log in PopuMusic, please enter the redemption code "4t7wzndh" in PROFILE - REDEMPTION CODE to redeem the ukulele courses.

We already stop the maintenance of "Populele App", it will be offline in few weeks, thanks for all your support again!

PopuMusic Team

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The Populele Distinction

  • An exciting hybrid of craftsmanship, tech, and fun, Populele redefines quality musical instruments.
  • First class materials. Patented technology. Ergonomic design.
  • Populele is unique and so are you. Learn and play like no one else.
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Meet Populele
The Populele Distinction
Meet Populele

Why Populele

  • Most people desire to master an instrument, but many give up or fear to start.
  • Populele removes the roadblocks in your musical journey. No more expensive private classes or confusing online tutorials. Practice is never again boring or frustrating.
  • Give your loved ones the Populele advantage.
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Why Populele
The Populele Advantage
Why Populele

How Populele Works

  • From how to hold the instrument properly to advanced strumming patterns, Populele’s award-winning learning system eases you through the learning curve.
  • Learn and memorize chords easily with LED lights and instant feedback. Keep motivated with arcade games and song library.
  • Take the first step or next step in your musical journey with Populele.
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How Populele Works
The Populele Methodology
How Populele Works

For USA market, Fretlight patented Learning Technology is sold under license agreement with Optek Music Systems Inc.